About Me

I am excited to be joining the faculty at Lewis and Clark College as an Assistant Professor of Economics starting in Fall 2017!

My work broadly focuses on the quantitative and qualitative effects of embracing learning-based alternatives to rational expectations in the context of news-rich macroeconomic dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models.

In my job market paper, “Learning vs News: What Drives Business Cycles?”, I utilize Bayesian techniques to determine whether the estimated relative importance of news in a DSGE model is sensitive to departures from the rational expectations hypothesis. My results suggest adaptive learning amplifies the importance of news for explaining business cycle fluctuations by up to fifty percent, and thus conclude the importance of news is robust to learning.


Research Interests

Applied Structural Macroeconomics, Bounded Rationality, Information Choice



Bruce McGough
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George Evans
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Jeremy Piger
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Van Kolpin
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Contact Information 

Department of Economics
1285 University of Oregon
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Email: bdombeck@uoregon.edu