Teaching Experience 


Teaching Assistant

  • EC 421 Intermediate Econometrics (Spring 2014)

  • EC 320 Intro to Econometrics (Winter and Fall 2014)

  • EC 202 Intro to Macroeconomics (Winter 2013)

  • EC 201 Intro to Microeconomics  (Fall 2012 and Spring 2013)

Lead Instructor 

  • EC 370 Money and Banking (Fall 2016)

  • EC 311 Intermediate Micro Theory (Summer and  Fall 2015, Winter 2016)

  • EC 313 Intermediate Macro Theory (Winter 2015)

Student Comments:

Brian is a wonderful teacher. He explains things very thoroughly and there is nothing I see to change about his teaching style. I learned so much in his class. He is always available to help and answer questions many different ways until you understand.
— EC 311 Student, Winter 2016
Brian one of the better teachers I have had at the University of Oregon. It clearly showed that he put a lot of time into preparing the entire course. Lectures were precisely planned and delivered in a clear and concise manner. Brian’s understanding of the material and ability to get the material across to the class exceptional.
— EC 311 Student, Fall 2015
One of the most engaged and helpful teachers I’ve had in my years here. Fantastic instructor and a very soundly run course. Awesome.
— EC 311 Student, Winter 2016